So, we started a band and none of us can play any instruments.

We’re calling ourselves The Earth and I because that sounds like a name that a good band might pick, but it’s not “Verb the Noun” or “NOUNS”.

We’re going to spend the next couple of years doing a lot of posturing, a lot of crying in the back of our tour van, and a lot of you, hopefully.

Right now, you can listen to our demos. We’re planning on releasing a lot of really shitty, shitty music within the next year, and you’ll catch us playing shows in the Northeast corner of the US.

We’re a band that thinks it’s a heavy metal band, but we keep playing these stupid fucking jazzy post-rock songs. In light of that, we have, at long last, come to the decision to disband. We remain on horrible terms with each other, as always.

The Earth and I is reforming as a polka-core band with 1970’s Brooklyn hip-hop influences.

That’s what this is. You did this to us.

Tour dates, news, and music are on this website. Email us. We actually check our email.